Purchase Conditions

Terms of purchase in the online store PIVOT PRO (ANGEL JUAN DIAZ BERNAL 22962213W)  which is accessed through the website www.pivotpro.es.

This document sets out the general conditions of the contractual relationship concerns the sale of products ANGEL JUAN DIAZ BERNAL  (hereinafter pivotpro) domiciled at Carretera Cala Reona, S/N, 30370 Cabo de Palos Cartagena, 30370 With NIF 22962213W, by physical and / or legal persons (hereinafter CONTRACTOR) that show their willingness to buy the products and services found on the website www.pivotpro.es by the request made via internet through this website. These user requests constitute the particular conditions that are associated with these general conditions that the CONTRACTOR must accept online in advance to purchase the product. The CONTRACTOR will be exposed through the website www.pivotpro.es these conditions, to be read, printed, filed and accepted, the CONTRACTOR can not buy the product without prior acceptance. The CONTRACTOR always have these general conditions accessible in the web site.

The general conditions attached to the request for specific products made by the CONTRACTOR involve the execution of the purchase agreement between PIVOTPRO and the CONTRACTOR who claims to have read, understood and accepted these conditions.


Under this contract THE OWNER agrees to deliver to the CONTRACTOR products requested through this website www.pivotpro.es in exchange for a certain price.


2.1. Delivery.- THE OWNER is committed to delivering the product in perfect condition to the address stated in the CUSTOMER the order form that includes the specific conditions that bind to these general conditions. THE OWNER shall not be liable for errors caused in the delivery when the data entered by the Customer in the order form do not conform to reality or have been omitted. The deadline for delivery of the product is 10 business days from your request if it is domestic shipments and 20 business days if it is international shipping, except for reasons beyond THE OWNER. 2.2. Responsibility.- THE OWNER in no event be liable with regard to:

2.2.1. Errors, delays in access by the CONTRACTOR at the time of entering your information in the order form, slowness or inability to receipt by the addressees of the order confirmation or any anomalies that may arise when these incidents are due to problems in the Internet, fortuitous events or force majeure and any other unforeseeable contingency to the good faith of the company. In any case, THE OWNER is committed to solving the problems that may arise and provide all necessary support to the CONTRACTOR to reach a quick and satisfactory resolution of the issue.

2.2.2. For errors or damages caused by use of inefficient service and bad faith by the CONTRACTOR.

2.2.3. The inoperability of the e-mail address provided by the Customer to send the order confirmation within twenty-four hours from being done.

2.2.4. THE OWNER have full responsibility for the quality of products admitting returning them provided they are defective or do not reach the right state CUSTOMER. THE OWNER will pay, in this case, of expenses incurred as a result of such repayment if the CONTRACTOR communicate this fact, within 7 days from the date of delivery and the product I not been consumed or altered in any way. THE OWNER disclaims all liability in connection with any breakages or defects in the product produced after delivery thereof also, THE OWNER will have no liability in relation to those products that have been consumed without any impact by the CONTRACTOR that seeks to make a claim. CONTRACTOR before sign the delivery order must check that the product is delivered in perfect condition, if agreed to this at the time of delivery is understood by both parties that the product was delivered in perfect condition.

CONTRACTOR claim expressly disclaims any contractual or tort liability for any damages or losses resulting from what is stated above in this clause. In any case, the responsibility for THE OWNER if you breach as stated in this agreement under the terms of these terms and conditions shall be limited to the refund of the amount, if any could have paid the CONTRACTOR and upon return provided by the CUSTOMER of the product concerned.


3.1. Payment.- THE CONTRACTOR agrees to pay in advance the amount for the product requested by the amount and form following:

3.1.1. Amount.- Fees for the product requested by the CONTRACTOR in terms of product ordered will be indicated on the website and listed in the specific request of the CONTRACTOR at all times, requests that constitute the conditions of the order concrete. PIVOTPRO will send within twenty-four hours confirmation of the order and its total amount. The price shown on the website for each of the products offered will be added shipping costs. THE CONTRACTOR may choose between two shipping methods: - By a logistics operator or transport agency: with a higher price, it will be indicated on the order confirmation, and delivery within a maximum is 4 business days. - By Store Pickup: without shipping cost.

3.1.2. Methods of payment.- THE CONTRACTOR shall pay the amount corresponding to the service contracted by: - Paypal (it may take a % surcharge). - Crédit card - Bank Wire: by payment into the ccc.

3.2. Discontinuance.- The products offered in support www.pivotpro.es right of withdrawal as long as the product is returned in the same condition it was delivered and the packaging in perfect condition. The deadline for withdrawal is 7 days from receipt of order. Shipping charges always return shall be borne by THE CONTRACTOR.

3.3. Responsibility of the CONTRACTOR.- In any case, it is the responsibility of the CONTRACTOR:

3.3.1. The CONTRACTOR assumes all risks of deterioration, damage and loss of products from the time they had been made available by the third party on behalf of PivotPro, making the delivery of products ordered.

3.3.2. The CONTRACTOR undertakes to check the condition of the product to a third party on behalf of PivotPro, making the delivery of the requested product, check that held prior to the signing of the receipt of a delivery basis.

3.4. Returns and changes.-

Any error or defect in the goods will be repaired at no cost to the buyer.

The client will have a period of seven days from the date of receipt of the order to execute the right to return or exchange if you are not satisfied. No refunds are allowed if not previously warned (phone +34 667 749 822).

It is important to know or please have the order number and billing information.

In order to make the return of a product must meet the following conditions:

- The return must be made within seven days of delivery.
- The product must be in perfect condition with its original packaging without deteriorating.
- The product must be accompanied by all accessories and if I did, cardboard boxes, manuals or documentation if applicable.

It will be checked before accepting the return, that these conditions are met. any returns that do not comply, in which case we will proceed to return the order to the customer will be accepted. Once received and verified the goods will proceed to refund the amount by bank transfer.

Shipping charges and collection in case of change or replacement shall be borne by the customer and deducted from the amount to be paid. In any case shipping costs will be paid.

If the product arrives in poor condition, broken or incomplete due to the transport, the customer must call within 24 hours of your rececpión (phone +34 667 749 822) to make timely claim with the carrier. In this case and not to interfere with the expertise of the insurance company, please do not use or handle in any way defective product.

For any clarification or doubt you need, we are at your disposal.

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